On September 13th, City Council voted to increase water conservation rebates for rainwater harvesting to $0.50 per gallon and change the minimum installation to 100 gallons. Visit the City webpage for more information on rainwater harvesting. Also, you can now submit your water rebate applications online!

Community Information:

City of Prescott Rebate Program: Receive up to $400 for removing turf to install low water use landscaping.

Time of Day Watering Restrictions: Beginning April 15, extending through November 1, outdoor watering must occur between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. daily.

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Upcoming Events:

Thursday, September 29

4:30-6:00 p.m. – City of Prescott Open House "for the design of the Willis Street and Cortez Street Improvements Project. All public input is welcome and will be considered throughout the design process. Location: Council Chambers, City Hall, 201 S. Cortez Street.


Big News

Rainwater harvesting rebates have
increased from $0.10/gallon
to $0.50/gallon.

Minimum installation requirements
have decreased from 500 gallons
to 100 gallons.

Collect rain water

Submit your water conservation rebate application online at

Additional Resources:

Prescott Creeks and the Creek Care Guide

Arizona Cooperative Extension: Yavapai Gardening

Harvesting Rainwater for Landscape Use

Conservation: Regional Water Awareness Handbook

WaterShed Smart Tips:

Direct water from roofs, downspouts, driveways and walkways to vegetated basins or 'rain gardens'.

WaterSmart Tips:

Minimize evaporation by watering during the early morning hours when temperatures are cooler and winds are lighter.

Water Knowledge Tips:

Protect the native vegetation along a creek or wash, known as the "riparian buffer."

Riparian vegetation protects property and water quality by stabilizing stream banks, reducing erosion, filtering out pollutants, and provides habitat for birds and wildlife.