Opening Screen Water Conservation

April is Arizona Water Awareness Month:

Celebrate with 30 Days of Water Awareness tips

Upcoming Events:

  1. Water exhibit at the Prescott Public Library: April 2015
  2. SciTech Fest: April 17-18
  3. Granite Creek Cleanup: April 18
  4. Prescott College Earth Day: April 18
  5. Highlands Center Spring Native Plant Sale: May 2
  6. Yavapai Home and Garden Show: May 15-17

City of Prescott Rebate Program: Receive up to $400 for removing turf to install low water use landscaping.

Time of Day Watering Restrictions: Beginning April 15, extending through November 1, outdoor watering must occur between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. daily.

Additional Resources:

Prescott Creeks and the Creek Care Guide

Arizona Cooperative Extension: Yavapai Gardening

How to use this website video

WaterShed Smart Tips:

Identify places where water is causing erosion as it drains off your property.

Slow the flow with natural ground cover and divert water to landscape vegetation.

WaterSmart Tips:

Group plants with the same watering needs together to avoid overwatering some while under-watering others.

Water Knowledge Tips:

A watershed is the land area with contributes surface runoff to local creeks, washes, and reservoirs.