April is Arizona Water Awareness Month! Celebrate with 30 Days of Water Awareness tips and the City of Prescott Upcoming Water Conservation Events.

Community Information:

City of Prescott Rebate Program: Receive up to $400 for removing turf to install low water use landscaping.

Time of Day Watering Restrictions: Beginning April 15, extending through November 1, outdoor watering must occur between 8:00 p.m. and 8:00 a.m. daily.

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Upcoming Events

  1. Water exhibit at the Prescott Public Library: April 2015
  2. Granite Creek Cleanup: April 23
  3. Open Space Alliance Earth Day: April 23
  4. What You Need to Know to Grow class: April 23
  5. Highlands Center Spring Native Plant Sale: April 30
  6. Yavapai Home and Garden Show: May 13-15


Topic of the month:

Water is a part of our everyday life but have you ever wondered…WHERE DOES IT COME FROM?? Just as water circulates continuously in the global water cycle, water in Prescott also circulates continuously in The Prescott Water Cycle. This month, take part in an opportunity to learn more about Your water resources. Visit the Prescott Water Cycle exhibit at the Prescott Public Library during the month of April.

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Additional Resources:

Prescott Creeks and the Creek Care Guide

Arizona Cooperative Extension: Yavapai Gardening

Harvesting Rainwater for Landscape Use

Conservation: Regional Water Awareness Handbook

WaterShed Smart Tips:

Scoop the poop in your yard, around town, or on the trails.

Pet waste is a source of E. coli bacteria and other microorganisms that cause contamination in our creeks and risks to human health. 

WaterSmart Tips:

Water your plants deeply but less frequently to encourage deep root growth and drought tolerance.

Water Knowledge Tips:

Stormwater runoff is flow from rain or snowmelt that does not percolate into the ground.